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The spirituality that supports this way of life is deeply rooted in the Old Testament and in the teachings of Jesus and his first followers.Where this spirituality has been studied, reflected upon and eventually implemented, both givers’ and receivers’ lives are changed and spiritually rewarded.The following 2008 Capital Projects have been completed: Church Lighting We commissioned Rambusch Decorating Company to breathe new light into our church interiors.The follow excerpt from their Rambusch in Manhattan literature profiles their work in our church: Holy Name of Jesus Church, located in the old Bloomingdale Village on the Upper West Side, was built in 1898 and designed by the architect, Thomas Henry Poole.This group counts the collection and prepares it for deposit in the bank. - Spanish Choir At Holy Name, we have a choir that sings for the A. Mass in Spanish and which prepares special music for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter. For further information contact the Director of Music, Peter Adamczyk, through the Parish Office at (212) 749-0276 on extension 18.

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The innovative lighting in the interior of the space highlighted many other treasures, such as the fifty-one painted angels looking down from the panels in the blind triforum and a crucifixion mural over the old main altar in the sanctuary, now all clearly visible following the new lighting installed by Rambusch in 2008.This vibrant and well-attended church is now served by the Franciscan Fathers who are very enthusiastic about their newly welcoming, well-lighted worship environment.This committee provides a foundation for Holy Name’s committment to the Ministry of Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation.Los Ministros de la Eucaristía y Lectores sirven los fines de semana en el ministerio de la Hospitalidad saludando a todos los que entran en la iglesia.Despues de la misa los ugieres distribuyen los bolentines y se aseguran que todo quede en orden.

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