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In 2010 was awarded Best Overall Affiliate at the London 2010 i GB Affiliate Awards. We’re located on the side of a relatively steep hill.Flavors of caramel and toast with hints of raisin define the malt profile, while a sprinkling of Mt.Hood hops delivers just a hint of flowers in the nose.This is your cue to turn If you’re inclination is to question whether you’re going the right way, then you probably are.

This will ensure the jug is clean and ready to be filled when you bring it back to the brewery for service.

One of my favorite things about our taproom model is our ability to keep rolling out new and exciting beers.

When you come to the taproom we hope to always have something new and fresh in the works.

Many of Pääkkönen's films have made #1 at the Finnish box office, including Pahat Pojat ("Bad Boys" - a true story), which is the all-time most successful film at the Finnish box office.

Other of Pääkkönen's commercial successes include Matti, Frozen Land and Lapland Odyssey.

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