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The weather forecast projecting RAIN, the pounds of double-sided tape holding up my dress, a bloated belly, a very sore you-know-what from my Brazilian wax experience, and my personal favorite – a COLD SORE flare up on my upper lip the morning of the wedding. I remembered this, so even when things started to flare up (literally), rain or shine, I wasn’t going to let the devil rob my joy that day. It was one of my top 5 unreal God moments of all time. On the day of my wedding, counting calories was not on the itinerary. I’m surprised we didn’t cancel the whole thing after having to tell all of our guests, the caterer etc. We didn’t want to wait so we felt it was a sign that May 8th was going to be our Lucky Friday.

Weeks before, I was worried that people were going to feel sorry for me or that I would feel sorry for my parents for missing this incredible moment in my life.

It’s wedding season (and almost my 1 year anniversary! I just wanted to take in every single moment from start to the finish.

) so today I felt inspired to share 10 things you didn’t know about my wedding day. The day goes by SOOOOO fast that you need to cherish every moment that you can hold on to.

The people who have been so pivotal in mine and Stevie’s relationship.

Fun fact: We had a small ceremony and party with about 40 people and then in the summer we threw a big reception party in Austin at Steve’s parent’s house.

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