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This information scandalized Corinne's family, friends and neighborhood. They moved into the Parisian Latin Quarter and lived a "Bohemian" lifestyle typical of folks in those days who defied prevailing social and religious norms.Eliphas Lévi, the cult's founder, had died seven years earlier, but the movement continued.Shocked, the minister saw her sketch of a horned goat-man being.Certain that this was Satan, he took Corinne to confession and absolved her of this "sin." Still, she steadfastly refused to renounce her revelation as demonic.That night, she had a series of fitful and profound dreams. After Corinne got up the next morning, she reported having strange dreams and even seeing spiritual visions.As soon as she could, she began to write in a journal, setting down all the things she saw and experienced during her "revelations." The following night was similar for her, except so intense she went into seizures, and her frightened parents called their doctor.A Chinese family held a festive New Year gathering on February 1. What follows here is a fascinating interview, in two parts, with a close friend and former co-worker of Johan's, who wanted us just to call him "Thomas." He came forward to tell his story of his own free will. We cannot honestly say we know it's a true story, because we could not independently verify the information given us by this man, except for the brief conversation with "Johan" discussed earlier.

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She told no one else and led her family to believe that she was "recovered." Corinne didn't speak of her "religion" or revelations again for over a year.Secretly, she did continue keeping the journal and added to it often, as new ideas and impressions came to her.lmost exactly a year later, Corinne met André Devereaux, 27, at a friend's party.They immediately fell in love and eloped to get married soon afterward.Her family of course, opposed the marriage vehemently and rejected both of them.

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