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There, I made lots of German friends and had the time of my life partying with them almost every night.

So when I told people back in Canada that I was planning on moving to Germany, and people would respond with, “those Germans seem like really cold people,” I was genuinely surprised.

Germans have no sense of humour I find all my German friends to be very funny, but then again, I’m easily amused. Especially very serious people, because I find serious people especially funny in their need to be serious all the time. With that said, yes I do think Germans have a sense of humour.

While their humour is more subtle, and not the sort of drunken debauchery (“Haha Tucker Max is the shit! ), they are definitely funny in their own way, and hearing a German joke is always a delight.

Germans love sausages I’ve never actually seen my German friends eat sausages on a regular basis, so I can’t quite confirm this point.

Maybe they do but hide the fact when I’m around so I don’t rush to tell all my friends back home that all Germans love sausages, further contributing to this stereotype.

After living in Germany for a few months now, here’s my observations on the most popular German stereotypes. Of course when you do run late, they’ll tell you it’s fine, but underneath their happy, smiling exterior, you can totally sense their disappointment. In the land of punctuality, for some reason the Deutsche Bahn is never fully reliable.

I was in Berlin for a month and I can’t even remember it…that’s how epic it was!!! ), some I do find hilariously true to a certain extent. What I find amusing is how some Germans will search up schedules on the Deutsche Bahn website, so it’s not even, “Hey, let’s meet at around 5,” but rather, “Hey, let’s meet at exactly 17.27.” And when they say 17.27, you better be there at 17.27.

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Some people had so much fun in rez, that they didn’t even go to class.

“I grew up with five sisters” (or something like that), he said.

“And I see how some guys treat them and it’s horrible. I never want to be like that, which is why I always want to treat girls with respect…because I’m such a nice guy. ” So you must be thinking, “aww this German guy must be a total romantic!

If you’re reading in a coffee shop, someone will comment on your book, and people will invite you to house parties after five seconds of talking to them.

After a week in Canada, if you don’t have more friends and drinking buddies than fingers, than you’re definitely doing something wrong.

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