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The ministry guy tells JJ not to get his panties in a bunch. Once they leave the office, Camilo tells Ivan that he’s sure JJ will do something against them to hurt them (perjudicar), so they better stay alert. JJ says they need to do something that will have the suspicion fall on the Mc Guires and not on him.

The Director made his decision based on the facts and evidence. They all have to work together for the good of the state. t eating grin while JJ sputters and stutters about his friendship with the director. They have to burn the harvests (cosecha) of the ranchers that are supporting JJ.

Camilo points out, that is exactly what he is, and there’s nothing dishonorable about that. But she didn’t study YEARS (like he did) just to be this. Carmen then starts yelling at Benito and one of the maids. She tastes the food and calls it gross (guacala), despite the cook explaining it’s Toni’s special no salt diet.It doesn’t matter to him what has happened in the past, or what might happen in the future. They both get a little teary and he kisses her on the forehead before leaving.He says farewell to Carly and Lucrezia and asks to be informed when Lucia is taken back home the next day.Camilo actually grabs her this time, but Benito once again breaks it up and separates them. She doesn’t understand what all they have to clarify and why they haven’t reconciled.After all, the whole MP apartment matter is clarified.

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