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Millionaire Dating has become a very popular trend among wealthy men and gorgeous women.

And even if I have to say so myself, my pitch was probably as honest as anyone on Millionaire Match has ever read: “First things first, what are your assets? And because its targeted clientele is rich, Millionaire Match is more expensive than most. The site states its terms clearly, with members being classified as Millionaires; Wealthy Men; or Wealthy Women.The title is reserved for anyone who has more than a million dollars net worth or for those earning 0,000 and more.Would I want to be a member of Millionaire even if it would let me in? Imagine what an easy mark I’d become if those hungry women thought I was rich.And then there was a comment I once heard a stand-up comic make: “I recently joined a charitable organization. They’d probably order surf and turf — and an extra entrée to go.

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