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For me a sure fire way to get ignored: Hi/Hey/Hello or any other variant Sexy/babe/darling etc You look hottext speak If you ask how I am doing with meeting people on here, then I will be honest and tell you I am talking to people or meeting them, its then up to you to stand out so I pick you.

You should only arrange your first face to face meeting once you’re certain that he or she is legitimately seeking a relationship with you and that everything they’ve said about themselves and their lifestyle is compatible with the Christian faith.

Forum search on just ice break here (much less first message or first contact) produces Posts15444963.aspx Posts15283833.aspx Posts15061672.aspx Posts14991536.aspx Posts14996154.aspx Posts14871264.aspx Posts14678847.aspx Posts14747804.aspx Posts11020030.aspx Posts510506.aspx Posts13600726.aspx Posts13477893.aspx Posts12766751.aspx Posts12411254.aspx Posts8351123.aspx Posts12016668.aspx Posts11971023There are hundreds and hundreds of existing threads telling you what to write in a first message. Thread Search Instructions ---- Posts3752061The bottom line is that pics and profile are what gets positive replies here. If she liked your pics and profile she is looking for any easy way to reply. If she didnt like your pics and profile it wont matter WTF you write in the message. If you are not getting replies its probably your pics and profile.

Cowboy"Do you have a problem with an ankle bracelet?

) Make it a bit fun by asking her questions that will really show her personality.

If things flow well, you can ask one final question:22.

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