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A flood survey would be the next concern of Officers at Denbighshire CC.(e) Affordable Housing A brief explanation of the Affordable Housing Policy was given and the Clerk would distribute copies of the document as required.53 COMMUNITY ISSUESCouncillors raised the following matters:-‘Merllyn' Cae Pedr, Tremeirchion requires a new nameplate Junction 29 exit A55 in need of completion of repair Culverts in The Waen need clearing before Winter Maes Hyfryd and Maes Rathbone bollards to be addressed shortly by Denbighshire CC (see June 2017 Minutes)Overhanging branches at Cul Haul Lane Cwm and Dyserth roads - ‘slow' needs re-painting on road Telegraph pole Rhuallt Road, Cwm was in precarious position after being impacted by vehicles RESOLVED: That the Clerk and Cllr Marston take up the matters as appropriate.54 PLANNINGNone55 FINANCEReported Bank Balance as at 5 September £15,675RESOLVED: That the following payments be approved:-Office Expenditure June 371.65Travel postage and expenses July/August 114.72Jones Peckover (school field) 85.0056 ANNUAL AUDIT RETURN The Clerk reported that he had just received the audited return from External Auditors BDO.The Clerk informed the Council that the Welsh Government Panel to undertake this review was asking for views from Town and Community Councils.It was agreed to wait and see what the North and Mid Wales Association of Local Councils came up with and the Clerk to draft a reply based on their deliberations.Denbighshire CC had published its Corporate Plan which would be circulated via the Clerk.It categorised its priorities in terms of service provision over the forthcoming years.RESOLVED: That the Minutes be received and confirmed as a correct record, subject to the addition in the attendance of Cllr A Jones (19 July) and Cllr K Potts (23 August).50 MATTERS ARISING(a) Appointment of Representative - Elizabeth Williams Trust, Waen Community The Clerk confirmed that Ffion Lloyd-Williams was confirmed as the continuing community representative on this body until the end of the term of office on 1/12/2018.The representative does not have to be a Member of the Council.(b) Advert hoarding near Rhuallt Hill Cllr Marston confirmed that the mobile advert had now been removed.(c) Road repaired prior to re-surfacing In response to the question of wasting time and money, County Councillor C Marston stated that the road was repaired under an emergency order to jet patch but due to lack of communication in the department concerned, it was overdone in this particular case.

He stated that there had only been a few minor issues to address recently but warned Members to be vigilent in the run up to Christmas and to warn residents about the recent spate of on-line fraud such as rogue traders on EBay.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk express these views to the County Council.(b) Dial a Ride The Clerk informed the Council that the annual General Meeting of Dial a Ride would take place on 31 July in Rhyl, all were welcome to attend.28 COUNTY COUNCILLOR' S REPORT Councillor Marston reported on the current consultation on bus routes and services provided in the locality.

She had spoken to Peter Daniels the co-ordinator at Denbighshire CC who had explained that some bus routes and request stops were not economically viable for operators.

Also a further consultation was underway with regard to the proposed Parliamentary boundary review.

RESOLVED: The Council wishes to re-iterate its previous objections (Objection as vehicular access off the A55 was not safe and the junction was not fit for purpose, also the proposal was not in keeping with the locality with unsightly containers) as it considers this rural setting as unsuitable for a light industrial use PRESENT: Cllrs: C A Litherland, Chairman J M Christian P Day M Dodd I R Hodgkinson A Jones C Marston L B Stanyer R Lloyd Williams ALSO PRESENT: Ian Jones (Clerk/RFO)PCSO Dave Jones44 APOLOGIES: Cllrs J Baldwin-Evans D A Jones K Potts45 OPEN FORUMThe Chairman welcomed Kate Lister, Biogen Head of Compliance and David Eynon, Waen AD Plant Site Manager who were attnding the meeting to give a presentation on the work of Biogen (UK) Ltd.

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