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Google began adding them to Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have been including them on their OEM skins for far longer.

It has a home screen widget that you can theme, strobe lights including Morse Code and police lights, and the fewest possible permissions. It’s also fairly trusted since it’s been downloaded over 100 million times. [Price: Free] Torch is a friendly application because some people may already know it because it’s been integrated into custom ROMs before. It comes with a home screen widget but no screen-flashlight options.

[Price: Free] The second app called “Flashlight” is by Sim Gears.

This app includes a total of four widgets that you can place on your home screen and lock screen for easy flashlight access.

[Price: Free] Privacy Flashlight is made by a company (Snoop Wall) that touts the need for privacy about as much as a company can.

Thus, you can expect that their flashlight app follows true to their calling.

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