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, a collection of poems without literary predecessors: Lindner did not join any group or movement.If there would seem to be any exterior influences in his work, these could best be described as ‘accidental passers-by’ – writers and philosophers who happened to cross the poet’s path."So a passer-by explains what passing is:/ a town you leave while you are staying there", he writes in the opening poem of the cycle 'Temporary stop'.In Lindner's poetry each sentence seems to contain a new registration, and the 'rapid' succession of the observations suggests something like the continuous movement in reality, the chaos, or, in other words, the simultaneity of all those movements.

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In his poems, the edge of man's gaze is the town, a room, or a landscape.And of course I would like to do something like that with my Biases, my little cat and my People started cheering on and shipping them for whatever reason.A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world!Lindner's poems work as snapshots, as evidence of probabilities.The juxtaposition of sentences reinforces that effect, to a greater extent even, by resuming sentences in a slightly varied way, which introduces a serial effect that gives the poetry a strong rhythmic quality as well.

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