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Pullman said the movie is a comedy with romantic elements; a “friendly” story about family.“They’re eccentric, and it gets a little wild, but I think there’s a lot of heart in the story,” Pullman said.“It’s not going to embarrass Klamath Falls ... Pullman plays the husband of Wilson in the film, and father of two daughters, one of whom is dating Killam.“We’re having a family gathering, which we do every year, but this is his first year to come,” Pullman said of his character.

“And it’s an important year, because there’s some big questions on the horizon percolating.”Projects on horizon Pullman has several projects percolating, as well, including the opening of an independent film “May in the Summer,” filmed in Jordan that opened on a limited basis in the United States on Friday.

Pullman also is working on the film “Cymbeline,” based on the William Shakespeare play, starring Ethan Hawke and Ed Harris.

It's based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil A.

Actor Bill Pullman and some fellow cast members pose for a picture, while filming “Brother in Laws” at Lake of the Woods.

Home for Pullman, a New York native, is split between a variety of places, depending on his projects, with a home base in Hollywood since the mid-1980s.

Pullman admitted he feels at home a lot of places, including in orchards and at wineries where he relishes being surrounded by agriculture.

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