Template changes not updating

I encountered another problem which was that after closing Libre Office Writer it would not start up again.

Neither the main desktop Libre Office icon, nor an individual document or template file would open.

I have my own template, which I have uploaded and saved as a template. I can't do a test send yet as I am not a subscriber. I would want to be able to change a template for a 50-100 message workflow without having to edit each message.

But now the 3 messages do not show any changes when I check them in preview. My expectation is simple, updating a template should change all campaigns based upon that template.

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This is the third time this has happened since I started using Libre Office. After I rebooted, when I opened the file it presented the dialog to update the styles as it should have before.

auto_load is set to true and cache to false in both files as recommended however I do not see any impact.Is there a way I can somehow navigate from inside the old document to some place where I can import the revised default template?When I open Libre Office from the main program desktop icon and click the icon to create a new writer document, the correct revised default template comes up in the new untitled document.There has got to be a way to navigate from inside a document to something that will show the name of the template the document is based on.There should be a way to manually navigate to a dialog menu that will give you the option to update the document to the latest template changes after you have opened the document and been editing it.

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